Google Girl Hackathon 2022

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Overview of Google Girl Hackathon 2022

Google Girl Hackathon 2022: Girl Hackathon is a program for women students in computer science and allied courses across India. It has been designed to provide a platform for women in the engineering campus space to showcase their coding skills and promote creative solutions for real time technical challenges. This virtual hackathon will challenge the innovation and problem solving skills of the participants and inspire them to creatively engage with Google. This is a team based program for women only and winning teams will be offered the opportunity to interview with Google and win exciting cash prizes!

Google Girl Hackathon

Eligibility for Google Girl Hackathon 2022

Teams will be required to register to enter the hackathon. Please identify a team leader and register your team. Multiple registrations will not be permitted. Please ensure there is only one registration per team.

Group A: 2024 and 2025 Graduates: Bachelors, Masters and Integrated Dual Degrees and related courses within computer science and allied branches.

Group B: 2022 and 2023 Graduates: Bachelors, Masters and Integrated Dual Degrees and related courses within computer science and allied branches.

Registration guidelines

  • To enter the hackathon, the team leader must complete the registration form and provide required information about the members of the team.
  • The Team Leader has to register on behalf of the team. All participants will be required to share their emails. Please submit secondary emails, in the event that we are unable to reach you on your primary email. You are required to keep yourself updated on all emails issued to you.
  • Registrations will close on March 9, 2022 at 11:59 AM IST
  • Any questions or inquiries regarding the hackathon should be directed to girlhackathon-india@google.com
  • Please ensure there is only one registration per team.
  • Please ensure teams are created with the above grouping guidelines in mind.
  • Teams may be mixed as long as the participants belong to the approved group graduate batches. Ex: 2022 graduates may not team with 2025 graduate(s). However 2022 graduates may team with 2023 graduate(s).
  • Participants must be from the same campus only. Student teams with members from different campuses will only be permitted if random selection is opted and the decision will be made by the Google team on a need basis.
  • In the event that your team is diluted due to the unavailability of your members and is no longer available to participate because of unforeseeable circumstances, you may opt for random selection in the form. This will allow our team to add you to a group that has availability.
  • Teams may opt to receive participants to their existing team if there happens to be a vacancy.
  • In the event that no groups have an availability, student(s) will not move forward.

Program structure of Google girl hackathon

The hackathon will include three stages: Google Online Challenge, Design Document Round, and Virtual Hackathon Round.

Round one: Google Online Challenge (GOC)

Round two: Design document round

Evaluation criteria:

Submissions will be reviewed and scored in accordance with the below metrics:

  • Innovation (30%)
  • Technical Design (30%)
  • Impact and Sustainability (20%)
  • Feasibility and implementation (20%)

Round three: Virtual hackathon (national finale)

Evaluation criteria:

Judging of rounds will be performed by a panel of judges selected by Google. Please note that any entry is subject to and evaluated based on the following broad parameters:

  • Technical difficulty and complexity (30%)
  • Innovation (20%)
  • Impact and sustainability (20%)
  • User experience (15%)
  • Presentation and communication (15%)

Important Dates for Google Girl Hackathon

Registration Deadlines9th March’22
Hackathon Starts 19th March’22

Prizes & Rewards

Student prizes – Team awards

Top two teams from Group A and Group B at the hackathon finale will receive the following:

Group A

Winners, Runners up One and Runners up Two:

  • Cash prizes for the entire team
  • Pre-placement interview opportunity

Group B

Winners, Runners up One and Runners up Two:

  • Cash prizes for the entire team
  • Pre-placement interview opportunity

All prizes may be revoked if a team is found to have violated any of the Rules or instructions of Google or is disqualified. The business and location related to the pre-placement interview offers for internship and final hiring will be at the discretion of Google.

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How to apply for Google Girl hackathon 2022?

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