TCS Codevita Season 11 | Hackathon | 2023

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What is TCS Codevita ?

TCS CodeVita, the largest global computer programming competition, is a 6-hour online programming contest where a participant can log in from anywhere, any time. Coding enthusiasts can sharpen their programming skills through a series of intriguing real-life challenges across a stretch of 3 Rounds and an opportunity to win the coveted “World’s Best Coder” title along with prize money of $20,000. Students from 2024 to 2027 passing out are eligible for the Contest. Detailed eligibility, apply/ registration link, syllabus and sample questioner has mentioned below for Codevita.

Overview of TCS CodeVita Season 11

First season of CodeVita was held in 2012 in India with an aim to spread awareness on various applications and uses of coding. This helped us spot bright programming talent. Encouraged by the good response we got from the first 2 domestic seasons, we decided to go global in 2014. In our very first global edition, we had 6 teams in the finals, thus strengthening our belief that now we could be truly global.

Fast forward to Season 10, and we witnessed a jaw-dropping 3,05,000+ registrations from 87 countries, representing over 3500 institutes. Imagine participants from 10 regions engaging in a thrilling battle during the grand finale! Are you intrigued? Brace yourself for more exhilarating programming challenges and unforgettable experiences with CodeVita!

This is the 11th season of the contest taking place globally and we cannot be more thrilled about it!
We hope the competitive programmer in you gears up for the most challenging and fun contest ever!

Eligibility Criteria for Codevita Season 11

  • With year of completion 2024, 2025, 2026, and 2027.
  • From institutes across the globe.
  • Pursuing undergraduate/diploma/postgraduate disciplines from engineering/science background with any specialization.

Steps to apply in TCS CodeVita Season 11


The first step in your CodeVita journey. Click on the register button to get started.


MockVitas are just like actual rounds to give you a demo of the actual contest.


Clear the Actual Rounds to move further in your CodeVita journey.


Win prize money and prove that you are the best coder.

Important Dates for TCS CodeVita Season 11

The format will be as below:

RoundModeTimeline (Tentative)
Last Date to applyOnline Apply ASAP
Pre QualifierOnline To be announce
QualifierOnline To be announce
Grand FinaleOnline/India To be announce

Language Programming option for TCS CodeVita

Students will have the option to choose from 8 different programming languages.

LanguageCompiler/Interpreter Versions
Cgcc 9.3.0
C++g++ 9.3.0
JavaOpen jdk 11.0.11
PythonPython 3.8.10

Prizes & Rewards

  • Global Ranking to Top Coders
  • Top 3 Coders to win total a prize money of USD 20,000/-
  • A chance to explore exciting careers with one of the world’s most powerful brand*
  • A chance to compete with some of The Best Coders in the World
  • A Platform to showcase your programming skills
  • The finalists stand a chance to travel** to India for the Season 11 LIVE Grand Finale experience.

* as applicable in the respective geographies
** subject to Covid-19 safety protocols and government guidelines

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FAQ of TCS CodeVita

Q1. How do I register and login for the Codvita contest?
Registration process is common for India and Global participants in Season 11. Steps are as enumerated below:

  1. Click on the Login button at the top right-hand side of the page
  2. After clicking on it, a dialog box will pop-up with the Registration link
  3. Click on the Registration link
  4. Then choose India or Rest of the World, as applicable
  5. Do read the Privacy notice, fill the registration details, and submit the form
  6. After that, accept Terms and Conditions on the next page and click on the Register button
  7. A message will appear saying that an email has been sent to you for verification
  8. Open your mailbox, and click on the link given in the email to verify your email address
  9. The verification link is valid for a short duration, so complete the email verification quickly
  10. If clicking on the email link shows a success message, it means your verification and registration is successful
  11. You can now login using your registered email id and chosen password to CodeVita website

Q2. Can I go back to the welcome page after starting to answer the coding problems?
Yes, you can go back to the welcome page after starting to answer the coding problems.

Q3. Do I have to attempt the questions in serial order?
No, you do not have to attempt the questions in any order.

Q4. Where can I see the list of languages and compilers with their version?
After login, you can check the languages and their respective compiler/interpreter version under the ‘Compilers & Interpreters’ tab.

Q5. If I move to question no. 2 without submitting question 1, does the timer continue for Question 1?
Yes, the timer will continue for Question 1.

Q6. How many questions will be there in all three rounds of CodeVita?
There will be ~6 programming challenges in Round 1 and ~8 programming challenges in Round 2 and ~10 programming challenges in Finale of the contest.

Q7. If I have referred/used a code from the internet, do I have to declare the same?
Yes, before you submit your code, you will get an option – “I would like to provide attribution to the following sources”. Select this option before submitting. You are free to refer to other material, but you need to declare the source code.

Q8. Where can I check the status of questions submitted by me?
For Private test cases – in “Private Testcase Submissions” tab and for Public test cases – in “Public Testcase Submission” tab.

Q9. If I close my browser will the codes written be saved on the system?
No, if you close your browser, you will lose your work. You should ensure that all submitted code is saved in your local file system as well.

Q10. How long before a session will expire?
If you are not active on the system for more than 15 minutes, the session will expire.

Q11. I closed my browser without logging out. I am unable to login.
Your session is still live on CodeVita servers if you do not logout. Hence you will get an ‘User already logged in’ message. Your session will expire after 15 minutes of inactivity after which you will be able to login again.

Q12. What is the purpose of Code Attribution?
If a website or an URL has been useful in arriving at a solution to CodeVita problem, then it is imperative that the precise source be cited. Please give precise URL(s) of all code used. If a precise URL is not provided, the code might be considered plagiarized.

Q13. What do different answer statuses mean?
Please refer this link

Q 14. Where I can find Sample Questions for TCS Codevita ?

Please refer this link

Q.15. Where i can find the CodeVita Questionnaire on General Topics ?

Please refer this link

How to apply for TCS CodeVita season 11 ?

Click here to apply/ register for TCS Codevita season 11

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