20 Useful Interview Tips for freshers 2024

Here are the 20 useful interview tips for the freshers. These interview tips are important for the freshers as well as for the experienced professionals. These tips are essential in 2024.

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We always seek an interview call, and after applying for the job, we get an interview call from HR. Now it’s time to be prepared for the interview. In this article, we have covered the topic in three segments.  

Before the Interview

During the Interview

After the Interview

Tips – Before the job Interview

1. Read Job Description

A Job Description (JD) is a written narrative that describes the role and responsibilities, duties, general tasks of a position, etc. Go through the job description thoroughly and find the following information.

  • Designation and Department
  • Qualification
  • Skill-set required
  • Experience required (If any)
  • Job location
  • Shift timings (Day/Night)
  • Bond/ Contract (If any)
  • Salary, etc.

    Tip: Take out the printout of the Job Description and match it with your qualification, skills, and previous experience.

    2. Conduct a Research on the Company and Interviewer

    Before appearing for an interview, do thorough research on the company’s profile. The Interviewer may ask you questions about their company to check your knowledge and interest in the company. Research the following points before appearing at an interview. 

    • Name of the Company
    • Website of the Company
    • Company’s profile
    • Turnover of Company
    • Year of Establishment
    • Domestic Company or International Company
    • Product or Services
    • Big Clients
    • Management Team 
    • Latest news about the company (Funding/ Acquisition)
    • Any Award, etc.

      Tip: Take the help of the company’s website, Social media pages and LinkedIn, etc.  

      3. Resume Preparation

      Resume should be well prepared and should not be copied from others. It should contain only original and relevant information. False information should not be included in it. The Interviewer has only a few seconds to scan your resume hence include proper skill sets.

      For fresher: Must have things in the Resume – Career Objective, Project, Internship, Extra-curricular Activities, Volunteering, Certificates earned, Awards or Recognition, etc.

      HR Interview

      4. Mock Interview

      Mock interviews can help you to practice the interview. Before appearing for an interview you should practice mock interview at least 3-4 times. It’s like net practice or warm-up session for the actual interview. It will help you gain confidence and get used to saying the words.

      Tip: You can take the help of your friend or Training & Placement Officer (TPO)   

      5. Web Presence

      You should have a good web presence. You can have your appearance on various social media platforms. As well as you must have your presence on a professional networking site like LinkedIn. Your profile should be neat and clean and also professionally managed. It should not contain any disputed or controversial content.

      6. Research on Placement papers

      Before appearing for an interview, do some research on the placement papers of the company. Some of the companies take the test. There are lots of websites that provide practice papers or past years placements papers. Practice and try to resolve the question papers.     

      7. Practice Commonly asked questions

      Prepare some commonly asked questions. It will help you answer at the time of the interview. The few commonly asked questions are:

      • Tell me something about yourself,
      • What do you know about Job or Company?
      • Why should we hire you? Etc.  

      8. Use STAR Method

      The Interviewer may ask you about the situations where you used your skillset to cope with that. Here STAR method can help you. Use the STAR method to tell about the clear Situation, What Task you performed, your plan of Action, and the Result.

      S– Situation

      T– Task

      A– Action

      R– Result

      9. Prepared a list of references

      The Interviewer may ask you to submit the list of references. It could be your professional references or any personal references. Always be ready with the references so you could mention them during the time of the interview. It includes the name of the reference, designation, profession, contact number and email id, etc.  

      10. Be ready with a Sample of Work

      Throughout the interview, the interviewer may ask you about your sample work or project you have completed in your last organization or any project you have prepared during your college days. Review the Job description well in advance and prepare your sample work accordingly. For example, If you are applying for Content Writer Job, you should have some sample work or Blog so that interviewer may know about your interest in writing.  

      11. Interview Attire

      If you get a chance to talk to the interviewer before the interview day, you may ask him about the dress code and accordingly, you can choose your outfit. In general wear formal attire at the time of the interview. Makeup and jewelry should be kept to a minimum. 

      12. Prepare questions for the Interviewer

      In the final stage of the interview, the interviewer may ask you “Do you have any questions?” Be ready with 2-3 questions like:

      “I would appreciate it if you let me know day-to-day responsibility”

      “I would love to know about the culture of the organization, etc.”

      Interview Tips Freshers

      Tips- During the Job Interview

      1. Be Ready with your Interview File

      Take a handy Interview file. The file must carry a few documents like 2-3 copies of your updated resume, photocopies of your educational certificates, Minimum 5 colored passport-size photographs, and any other relevant documents. Don’t forget to carry a pen and a small notebook.  

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      2. Plan your schedule well in advance

      Be on time. Map out to the interview location so you can reach there on time. Try to arrive at the venue at least 15-20 minutes before the scheduled time. It will also help you stay comfortable.

      3. Make a great first impression

      The first impression is the last impression and confidence is the key. Your attire should be neat and clean. Shiny shoes, clean and tidy nails, trimmed beard or clean shave give a good impression. Always wear a gentle smile and treat everyone with respect. Sit straight and with confidence. Don’t use poor body language. Your handshake should be firm.   

      4. Be ready with rounds of Interviews

      Be ready with rounds of interviews. There may be the following rounds of interview:

      • Online Test (Aptitude, Written English)
      • Offline Test (Pen/Paper)
      • Technical Interview
      • Group Discussion
      • HR Interview, etc.

      5. Answer the questions calmly and concisely

      Listen to the questions carefully and answer the question calmly and concisely. Respect the time of the interviewer and don’t unnecessarily exaggerate. Positively show your skills. Focus on your key strengths and show genuine interest. 

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      6. Do not speak negative about current/ previous Company

      Companies look for a person with a positive mind set. They always hire the problem solver, not a problem creator. If you are feeling discouraged in your current job due to various reasons there no need to discuss or complain to the interviewer. Always talk and focus on the experience you have gained from the current employer.

      Tips- After the Job Interview

      1. Personalized Thank You note

      After the interview, say thank you to everyone and ask for their business card so that you can send them a Thank you email after the interview. You can also ask them to give their feedback about the interview.

      We believe these important interview tips will really help you get your dream job. Most Useful interview tips for the freshers | 20 useful interview tips for the freshers 2023

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