Group Discussion: Tips to crack it in 2024

What is Group Discussion?

Group discussion is a part of various ventures, it means multiple ideological minds working together to expand more on the subject. Discussion is an exchange of knowledge, argument, and ideas; overall group discussion is a mannered strategy to discuss any topic in a group of people, where multiple individuals come together and explore the various directions of their thinking, this discussion helps them to evolve more about the subject by viewing initiative points of other members of the group.

In a subjective manner group discussion is an organized process to discuss various topics and subtopics to improve the ideology with a different mind. In Group discussion a number of people are connected with each other through the shared activity, interest, or quality.

Joseph Joubert said that “The aim of argument, or discussion, should not be victory, but progress.”

The whole idea is to bring a group of people together and give them a common platform to share various horizons of their ideas with adaptability & understanding of the viewpoints of others.


Types of Group discussion

There are several types of GD in use.

A. Topic-based group discussion

In Topic-based discussion, the topic is given to several people for major discussion. It is based on current affairs, areas of interest, and knowledge.

Controversial topics, knowledge-based topics, abstract topics, and conceptual topics come under this table.

B. Case Study

Case study is based on based on business management or development, corporate solutions or problem-solving task, and team making decisions.

Importance of Group Discussion

The Importance of group discussion is much brighter than we think. It generates ideas and creative minds. For students or professionals, it is the best method to walk on the path of knowledge. It has significant importance.

  • Group discussion boosts the confidence of people, individual or Students. 
  • Group discussion allows participants to open up the direction of his/her thoughts. It helps them to see from various perspectives. It increases the strength of public speaking and improves listening skills as well.
  • Group discussion is a modern technique to improve the personality of students. It expands their understanding of personality development.
  • Group discussion is improving such ability to read the mind of other people, the perspective of individual and to share your opinion freely.
  • Group discussion enhances the interpersonal skills and communication skills of an individual.
  • Group discussion helps students to think practically, professionally and in a manner to learn or give something with discipline.
  • Group discussion gives clarity of thought, expression, and understanding. It also helps to improve leadership skills, communication skills, politeness, problem-solving skills, confidence, and teamwork quality.

Some set of rules for the Group Discussion

Group discussion is an interactive method where you have to allow yourself to be drawn be some procedure. Here it is;

  • Prepare your mind and posture for group discussion.
  • Be clear in your communication to maintain the proper speed and volume of your voice.
  • Always raise your hand and give kind gestures before you speak or share your thoughts during discussion.
  • Allow the individual to speak and develop good listening quality because it is the key to indulging more in discussion.
  • Maintain the quality of your thoughts, which means to present something with valid points and examples.
  • Avoid assumptions and think critically about what you say or what other share to have more in your dish.
  • Be Committed to the process with authentic behaviour. And if you do not agree or something, don’t criticize individuals rather its wise to criticize the idea they share.
  • Don’t be dominant while discussing, try to avoid conflict or misunderstanding.
  • Stay in a disciplined manner and open yourself freely to participate in a meaningful discussion.

How to introduce yourself in Group Discussion ?

  • Be confident while presenting yourself and start with your introductory gesture, e.g. Thank you, my name is XYZ, and start presenting details about the subject or start with greetings
  • Enter a group discussion with the supportive statement
  • Be precise in your views
  • You can also start the introduction by sharing any quote, statement, question, or facts.
  • if you want to start suddenly, then you can raise your hand and jump in quickly.

30 Group Discussion Topics for Interview

Whether there are multiple topics that you can choose for group discussion, it must be decided on basis of public interest. So, here are some latest topics in general for the interview;

1. Should there be a limit to Media Freedom

2. Climate Change and Pollution

3. Digital India: Whom Does it Benefit?

4. Digital Education system

5. Poverty and unemployment

6. Money or Happiness (work-life balance)

7. Effect of Pandemic on the education sector and students

8. Is India ready for electric vehicles?

9. Should India have a One Child Policy ?

10. Atmanirbhar Bharat: Call for self reliance

11. Corona virus: Impact on Global Economy

12. Art & Entertainment

13. Work from home: Have we arrived in virtual world

14. Impact of Technology on jobs in India

15. Minimum Support Price: Is it a Political gimmick?

16. Future of Crypto Currencies

17. Tobacco must be banned. Yes or No.

18. Data Localization – Benefits & Challenges

19. Problems unite us, Religion divides us

20. Is compulsory attendance really needed in college?

21. Are Indians Less Quality Conscious ?

22. Should Agricultural Subsidies be stopped?

23. Skilled Manpower Shortage in India

24. Globalization vs. Nationalism

25. Do NGOs in India really work for Others OR Work for their own vested Interests?

26. Impact of fake news in society

27. Citizenship Amendment Act – What and Why ?

28. Social Media – Impacting Human Lives

29. Corruption – Effects on India ?

30. Urban v/s Rural India

At last, we can also choose a topic related to current affairs.

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Dress code for Group Discussion

In Group discussion dress code should be professional & formal when it comes to institutional or corporate discussion. And if you are attending any group discussion in a cultural event or social event, then ethnic wear suits you more to grab the attention to your talk.

Your dress code gives the first impression of your personality. Therefore, during group discussion, it plays a key role to develop a good image in the group of people.

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How to prepare good content for Group Discussion ?

Group discussion is all about content analysis or brainstorming topics you want to discuss with your team, people, or any professional. So it is needed that your content should reflect good quality of understanding and importance. An effective content depends on good preparation, as it plays a key role during discussion. Here are some steps to boost your content preparation:

  • Pick some good ideas about what you want to prepare. Take any current topic or any article from current affairs or from anything that your subject is concern with.
  • Start preparing your content at least one week before. Start researching, observing, and understand it from a social, cultural, political, and academic perspective.
  • Look for already published material on your GD topic. While reading the newspaper, magazine, or research paper, note down the points related to your topic.
  • Read, understand and think critically on your topic. Try to explore it from every possible angle or perspective. 
  • While researching topics, try to remember important facts and figures and form some opinions with justification, which will help you very quickly during the discussion round.
  • Pick good content or topic, which helps you and others to achieve some credit for a greater understanding of the topic.

Do’s and Don’ts of Group Discussion

Do’s of Group Discussion

  • Create a structural idea, design a layout before you start
  • Be formal and be yourself
  • Maintain eye contact, indulge in discussion
  • Speak clearly and keep your point ahead 
  • Maintain a humble friendly attitude 
  • Allow others to speak as well 

Don’ts of Group Discussion

  • Try not to hesitate while speaking
  • Do not initiate or lead directly into the discussion if you don’t know much about the topic
  • Do not lose eye contact with other participants while they’re speaking
  • Avoid time-consuming details
  • Do not speak very slow either.

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What are the blunders in Group Discussion ?

There are some kinds of blunders which can ruin your impression or respect during group discussion. Hence, you should take care of it. Here are some of them:

  • Aggression
  • Negative words
  • Wrong facts or Information
  • Misleading the subject
  • Excessive Belief in individualism
  • Distracting behavior
  • Unnecessarily Laughter or smile while someone is sharing his view
  • Eating something during a discussion

Few Tips to crack the Group Discussion

  1. While you’re presenting your views or making out your points, address everyone in your group and make eye contact with them. This will create understanding between you and group members.
  2. Use formal language and dress formally or according to the dress code of the group.
  3. Don’t look at moderators many times because they’re not part of your discussion. Be present at the moment with all details and observations related to the topic.
  4. Do not get personal and do not point to any participant for their views, your argument should be objective.
  5. Try not to use harsh or extreme words that may harm anyone’s sentiment and take the discussion in a disgraceful way.

Group Discussion tips for freshers

When you are a fresher and in case, you have never attended any group discussion, you must know the following essential points:  

  • Don’t be afraid of start when it’s your turn. 
  • Believe in yourself and present your ideas with confidence.
  • Increase your general knowledge and information.
  • Pay attention to your body language.
  • Be attentive while others are discussing.
  • Speak gently and make sure that your words make sense.
  • Do not get emotional if someone interrupts you.
  • Stay prepared and updated all the time.
  • Incorporate relevant examples and facts in your speech.
  • Listen to everyone carefully.

In short. Group discussion is an organized modern technique for brainstorming, generating ideas, solving issues, and devolping teamwork in the areas of interest. In this competitive world, it also enhances the skills of students, boosts their energy, develop positive attitude, and builds their confidence. 

Additionally, a group discussion refers to a communicative situation that allows its participants to share their views and opinions with other participants. It is a systematic exchange of information, views, and opinions on a topic, problem, issue, or situation among the members of a group who share a common objectives.

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